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Cowboys, they’re not someone who just puts on a hat and gets on a horse. They don’t just walk around with boots on wearing a western shirt and have people recognize them as a cowboy. No, cowboys are a rare breed, individuals who understand the meaning of respect, integrity, and what a person’s word means. You won’t find real cowboys, cowboys of the western way just anywhere.  While history has been molded and shaped by these type of individuals and stories have been told of the cowboy and his gentlemen ways, it seems as though the real cowboy has been forgotten, until now.

This experience is unparalleled.  As a participant in the Real Cowboy College, you will be paired up with professional working cowboys and your own horse that you will learn on and take care of during your stay with us.  As a “cowboy in the making,”  we will guide you in choosing your own authentic western clothing. Through our buddy up program, you will be matched with the right horse and become familiar with him from the ground up. You will gain the knowledge to care for, groom, and saddle your own horse.

While riding on our 18,000 acre ranch, located in the rugged mountains of Idaho, you will learn real cowboy horsemanship, roping techniques, and how work and move cattle. You will also learn the responsibility of having a firearm in your hand and what it feels like to pull the trigger. This will all be combined with country cooking, campfires, cowboy entertainment, history, values, ethics and most importantly the meaning of a handshake.

Being a cowboy isn’t about riding a horse or wearing the right clothes, it’s about character, class, and doing the right thing even when nobodies watching. The things legends were made of,  those are the things we haven’t forgotten here at the Real Cowboy College. You will not experience a more authentic taste of what the real western cowboy is about and we’ll guarantee by the time you leave you’ll be a changed person.

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Choosing Clothing

A cowboy’s dress is more then just the clothes he wears on his back. Each piece of clothing has a certain function that is critical to the working cowboys job. At real cowboy college we will take you through the full cowboy dress and help you pick out the genuine hat, shirt, pants and boots that a real working cowboy uses on a daily basis. Walk into our real western clothing store a run of the mill tourist, and walk out a real outfitted cowboy ready to ride the range.


In addition to our basic horsemanship program explained below, real cowboy college will offer intermediate and advanced training that includes, but is not limited to, use of the hackamore, two-rein (hackamore and bit combined in the vaquero tradition), and finished bridle horse training. In addition to intermediate and advanced horsemanship, we have world champion cowboys to train you in the specialty of cutting, reining, basic and intermediate horse training, and advanced trail riding.

At real cowboy college, one of our goals is to have you walk in a tenderfoot and leave a competent horseman that can move a herd of cattle on the open range. We start with our “buddy up” program, which involves matching each beginner cowboy with the perfect horse based on each guests riding experience together with the personality of the horse. Once you have been introduced to your horse, you will attend ground work classes that include the proper way to approach a horse, basic grooming and horse care, and learning the body language of a horse. you will learn about horse tack, including pads, saddles, breast collars, bridles and of course how to saddle up a horse.

You will then learn how to mount your horse and control him at a walk, trot, canter, and gallop. You will start in the safety of an enclosed arena, then graduate to the splendor of outdoor mountain trails. you will have the opportunity to be introduced to moving cattle in a closed, controlled environment with the aid of professional working cowboys. upon graduation, you can then move cattle on the open range at the 18,000 acre OX Ranch, a real working cattle ranch in central Idaho.


Each cowboy student will be paired up with a working cowboy and shown the basics of handling a rope. You will begin with roping a ground mounted steer head and move up to roping the same dummy steer head from horseback.


A cowboy is not a cowboy without his sixshooter at his side. each cowboy student will be taught how to handle his shooting iron by experienced and trained cowboys. You will have the opportunity to load and fire pistols, shotguns and rifles. real cowboy college will have, as special guests, cowboy action fast draw shootist, that will demonstrate and teach you how to be a genuine western gunfighter. additionally, we will offer marksmanship training, sporting clay shooting and archery.


At real cowboy college, its not just about the riding, but about relationships and having fun. As part of your experience, you will be taught about history, culture, and heritage of the wild west. Classic western singers and cowboy poets will move your hearts and souls with their words and music. And don’t forget the food. Dutch oven cooking, local tender meats and fresh vegetables from nearby farms will greet you at every meal of the day.






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